Safety Tire Seal Corporation has been serving the auto, light truck and heavy equipment tire repair industry for almost 40 years. As a leading distributor of Safety Seal® Tire Repair products, we stock thousands of items and often ship the same day an order is received. Ask about our Special Pricing and Shipping choices on multiple quantity orders.

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ATV Tire Repair Kit <br>Low Pressure Tire Repair Kits <br>SSKATVTI
Small Plug Patch Combination 23-381
Tire Mounting Lube TML-SSML
Safety Seal Self-Vulcanizing Cords Refills 120C-60-SSRA
Safety Seal Plus Liquid Patch Auto Tire Repair Kit 100Q-60-LPKA
Safety Seal Auto Tire Repair Kit - Light Truck Tire Repair Kit – SSKAB30
Safety Seal Auto Tire Repair Kit - Light Truck Tire Repair Kit – SSKAP30COMBI

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Made in the U.S.A. - Over 1 Billion Tire Repairs Sold Worldwide

Patented Manufacturing Process - Tire Repair Outlasts the Tire

The Original Self-Vulcanizing, Easy, Economical, Permanent, Tubeless Tire Repair

No Drying Time - No Messy Cements - No Liquid Sealant - No Aerosol

Tire Repairs for Irregular Cuts and Injuries as Easy as Round Punctures

Use on Radial or Non-Radial, Steel-Belted or Non-Belted Tire Repairs

Works on Lawn Mower Tire Repair to Earthmover Size Tire Repairs

24 Plies of High Tensile (350 lb Break Strength) Chemical Resistant Nylon Yarn

Each Yarn Immersed in Proprietary Rubber Sealant System (250% Rubber to Yarn)

Superior Quality Tools Aid in the Proper Insertion of the Safety Seal® into Puncture

Beware of Imitations...! There is a Difference...! Insist on Safety Seal®

NOTE: Safety Tire Seal Corporation also can provide you with Safety Seal® Tire Repair and Other items such as: Valve Stems, Pressure Guages, Air Chucks, Carbide Tools, Non-Lead Wheel Weights and Other Related Tire Repair Service Items. If you don't see the Safety Seal® Tire Repair products you are looking for give us a call at 800-233-8473.